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Bad at betting baseball? Follow these tips to build your MLB bankroll | News Article by

The baseball season is about four weeks old. And while that doesn’t seem like a long time, for some MLB bettors it’s been the longest four weeks of their handicapping careers.

If you’re swinging and missing more often than not when betting the bases, here are some simple tips to help get you on track and heading into the right direction for the remainder of the season.

Trim your bet size
If you’re working with a proper money management system for baseball season – and you should be – you’ll want to trim down your bet limits. You should be working with a bet limit of 5 percent of your total bankroll, so a $5,000 bankroll should never see more than $250 riding on a single wager.

After taking it on the chin in opening weeks of the baseball schedule, you’ll want to slim that bet limit to 2 or 3 percent until you right the ship. Bettors have a bad habit of upping their limits to make up for lost wagers, but that’s often a path that leads deeper into the red.

Mind the moneylines
One thing that can get baseball bettors in trouble early is not properly pricing moneylines. Bettors look to heavy favorites, wanting a “sure thing” pick and don’t understand how playing those chalky teams impacts their returns.

Sinking a lot of cash into big moneyline favorites can quickly deplete your bankroll and even a winning day on record can leave you minus money, as these moneyline faves don’t return as much. If you’ve been burned too many times by favorites, try limiting yourself to a set of moneyline odds.

Some baseball bettors make it rule not to wager on a MLB favorite higher than -150, and depending how rough your start to the season was you may want to just narrow your scope to plus-money teams. Often times, you can get good long-term returns by playing short underdogs – especially short home dogs.

Narrow your scope
There are 30 major league clubs across the National and American Leagues and a potential 15 different matchups on the board in one day. That’s a lot of ground to cover and makes it almost impossible to factor in all the angles and handicap every single game.

If you’ve been going with a buck-shot approach to your baseball betting, you might want to narrow your scope to just one league – AL or NL – or even concentrate on learning the ins and outs of one particular division. That will allow you to really get inside what makes these clubs tick and make the most of your handicapping energy.

Expand your options
If you’ve been tanking your MLB moneyline wagers, but don’t want to give up on betting baseball, you can expand your wagering menu to include Over/Under totals, player and team props, and 5-inning odds.

Totals, while a little tougher to handicap come with less risk and better returns that playing heavy moneyline faves. Standard total wagers come with -110 juice assigned, so it is much easier to manage your money without paying out for lofty chalk.

The 5-inning odds are fantastic for any baseball bettor who is great at capping starting pitchers but always seems to get burned by bad bullpens or late rallies. Just like looking at a select moneyline price for full-game odds, bettors should limit their 5-inning wagers to a certain price point as well.

Player and team props are among the fastest-growing markets in sports betting, due to their close connection to fantasy and DFS. If you just so happen to be a MLB fantasy fan, you can use that knowledge on individual performance and apply it to the daily player and team prop odds markets.

Also, it’s very important to always make sure you get the very best sportsbook bonus. The extra bonuses in addition to the above tips can make the season very profitable.

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