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Cash in on these quick-hitting MLB baseball betting odds | News Article by

Major League Baseball has worked hard over the past few years to speed up the pace of its games. Unlike most sports that run on a time clock, baseball doesn’t move from inning to inning until those six outs are recorded. And, also unlike other sports, games will go as long as they have to, diving deep into extra inning to claim a victor.

Baseball betting can sometimes suffer at the hands of that plodding pace – unless you choose these speedy ways to wager on the majors.

Here is some quick-hitting sportsbook news about the MLB betting odds that are not full-game sides or total bets.

First-inning odds
If you need to settle your bet the quick and dirty way, first-inning odds are your wager of choice. And, honestly, this has become a very popular prop market with sophisticated gamblers. Finding a team that’s consistently quick or slow out the blocks can be a cash cow for those in the know.

Most sportsbooks will offer first-inning moneylines, runlines, and totals as well as other specific props, such as will Team A score a run in the first inning of the game. Just like the full game odds, pitching makes up a good percentage of these prices, but it really allows bettors to focus on hitters No. 1 through No. 4 and see where the value lies in their first at-bat of a game.

The Atlanta Braves haven’t wasted much time doing damage on the scoreboard, averaging an MLB-best 0.95 runs per first inning. In fact, that first-inning offense has shown up in almost 54 percent of the Braves’ games so far this season.

In terms of allowing first-inning runs on the board, the Baltimore Orioles are the worst offenders with 1.41 first-inning runs scored against this year. And the O’s have countered with only 0.41 runs for in the opening frame.

First-five inning odds
This market has been around for a long time and works best when bettors are questioning how the bullpens will factor into their wager. Essentially, first five-inning odds allow you to solely cap the starting pitchers, without fear of having a shaky reliever blow your sure thing late in the game.

First five-inning odds do tack on a few extra cents when it comes to the moneyline, runlines, and totals, but it could save you from pulling out your hair due to a ninth-inning collapse or late score that blows up your Under play.

The Los Angeles Angels have been a good first five-inning wager in the opening months of 2018, averaging 2.79 runs through those frames while giving up just 2.24 – a difference of more than half a run per game. The Boston Red Sox have edged foes by 0.81 runs through the first five and the New York Yankees have done even better, with a +1.34 differential after five innings. However, those two MLB powers will come with hefty moneyline price tags.

Live betting
Baseball bettors don’t even have to pick a team to win or an Over or Under, thanks to some dynamic live betting offerings. Sportsbooks will offer in-game props such as “How many runs will be scored this inning?”, “What will the result of the first at-bat of the inning be?”, “Will a team hit a home run this inning?”, or “Which team will win the inning?”.

These bets turnover quickly and if you have a feel for the flow of a game, the performance of the current pitcher, and what part of the lineup is on deck – and how those hitters are performing, you can really find an edge with this quick-hitting in-game market.

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