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Best sportsbook for youSports betting has never been more popular. That’s likely why you’re on a hunt to find a book to take action on your favorite sports. And that growing popularity is also the reason why there are so many online sportsbook options out there.


Narrowing down the best betting options is no easy task. But here are some things says you should consider when sizing up sportsbooks worthy of your bankroll:


What do you like to bet?


This is all about you. It’s your hard-earned money on the line each time you place and wager, so make sure you’re playing with a sportsbook that caters to your preferences. Football is king among North American books, with vast betting menus for college and the pros. But what if you don’t really like football?


Some books stick to the most popular betting sports and offer little in the way of outlining options, even limiting themselves on popular markets like golf and tennis. And that might be all you need if you’re simply betting football, basketball and baseball. Others have deep wagering menus with odds on every sport under the sun – from football and hoops to cricket and badminton. So before you sign up, know what you want from a sportsbook and which ones can satisfy those needs.


Know your options


Sportsbooks these days are not confined to just sides and totals. That demand for more sports betting action has been answered by oddsmakers, who cook up not only game odds but player and team props, first and second-half lines, alternative spreads and totals, teasers and parlays, and the very popular live in-game wagering.


Some sports bettors are happy to stick to meat and potatoes, but knowing the various ways you can get down on a game at one book compared to another is important if you like to spread your bankroll around. And let’s not forget mobile wagering. Having a quick and responsive mobile version of the sportsbook, with all the same features and bet types as the desktop, is a must across the sports betting industry. So make sure to shop around on both your computer and your smart phone.


Reputation and experience


A solid reputation goes a long way in the sportsbook industry and those new to betting should do their research. Checking into a sportsbooks’ past, as it pertains to customer reviews and payout disputes is key to avoiding those red-flag books that could leave your bankroll in limbo.


Many of the well-known books have white label operations which appear to be a different company, but use the same odds, draw from the same handle and deal with customers in the same manner. That could be good or bad depending on what sportsbook you’re looking at.


Another good indication of whether a sportsbook is good or not is their experience and longevity in the ultra-competitive sports betting industry. Sportsbook often seem to pop up overnight, and may be in it for a quick buck before shuttering their digital doors – taking your bankroll with them. Others have carved out a long history of fair gaming and boast a proven track record. That said, longevity doesn’t always signal quality.


Deposits and withdraws


Last but certainly not least on our list is the one of the most important aspects of selecting a solid sportsbook: the money. Heck, you can’t bet if you can’t fund your account, right? Different books have different methods of depositing funds and you’ll want to make sure you select one that works with your possible payment methods. While most shops will accept major credit cards and money transfers, more modern methods of funding your bankroll include pre-paid cards and digital currencies like Bitcoin. Those may not be available at every sportsbook.


On top of those payment methods, you’ll want to check into a sportsbooks’ exclusive sign-up and deposit bonuses, and what the rules and requirements are behind those. Some of these are great deals that can really boost your bankroll with extra cash while other so-called “bonuses” require minimums and impossible rollover rules.


The end game to this whole sports betting thing is that you eventually get to withdraw all those winnings you stacked up with your superior sports knowledge. Withdrawing from your account can be quick and painless or frustrating and excruciating – depending on if you choose a reputable sportsbook. Go over withdraw options and rules with a fine-toothed comb when looking for a sportsbook. Nothing takes the thrill out of a big score than having a crooked book feed you excuses and slow pay you your winnings.

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