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Early College Basketball Betting Favorites, Middle of The Pack, Darkhorse Teams | News Article by



The 2022-23 college basketball season is finally here and right now is the perfect time to get in on futures odds for teams to win the National Championship before the odds shift throughout the season.

Some teams to keep an eye on from all around the odds board heading into the season surely include the North Carolina Tar Heels, Michigan Wolverines, and Florida State Seminoles.


Click the image for live odds

Click the image for live odds

North Carolina Tar Heels ( 900)

Starting with the March Madness runner-ups from just a season ago, the North Carolina Tar Heels. UNC has some high expectations going into the season being that they have opened as the number-one ranked team in the country for the first time since the 2015-16 season.

The thing to point out here is that at 900 preseason odds for the Tar Heels, it marks just the second time since the 2012 season that they’ve opened up under 1000 odds to win the title. The only other time came in that 2015-16 season where they opened at 900 as well and went on to win March Madness.

Going even further, North Carolina was one of the top-scoring teams in the country last season at just over 77 ppg while allowing their opponents to score just north of 71 ppg.

Michigan Wolverines ( 3500)

Moving on to the Michigan Wolverines, they are another team that should never be counted out of winning the National Championship. Over the last five seasons, regardless of opening the season as a ranked team or not, they have found ways to finish the season ranked inside of the top 10.

Even with that, oddsmakers continue to doubt them with their preseason odds. This is now the ninth straight season that their odds have opened at 3500 or more and they’ve made it to the tournament in six of those seasons. Three of them went to the Elite 8 and one that led to a National Championship game appearance.

Florida State Seminoles ( 8000)

As for the darkhorse to keep an eye on, the Florida State Seminoles could be worth a sprinkle of a unit based on their success in recent seasons. They’ve found themselves ranked in each of the last six seasons in which three were inside of the top 10.

Where Florida State really puts pressure on their opponents is with their depth as they could play up to 12 players on any given night tiring out whoever they are playing against.

If they were to run a similar gameplan this season, it could work in their favor down the stretch to keep their key players fresh and healthy at all times.

After coming off of a dormant year last season, oddsmakers have them far down the odds board which could be their longest of the season and the last chance to get in on them at such high value. simulation model, which simulates every NCAAB game thousands’ of times, is up +16.7 units over the last three years. We have released 310 total games with 167 WINS and 143 losses ATS for a win % of 53.87%. A $100 bettor of our NCAAB would have netted a profit of $1,670 and, a $1,000 bettor would have won $$16,700 just on NCAAB. We have released only a small number of NCAAB games so far this season.

Now is the time to sign-up and start winning.

| Title: Early College Basketball Betting Favorites, Middle of The Pack, Darkhorse Teams
| Author: Sam Profeta
| Date: Nov 12, 2022

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