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Prepare for life without football odds with these three alternative betting options | News Article by

Football betting is almost done, with the college campaign a thing of the past and the Super Bowl quickly approaching. That’s a big gap in sports bettor’s weekly routines. Luckily, plenty of other sports pick up the pace once pigskin is put to bed.

If you’re looking to expand your gambling menu now that football is almost through, here are some fringe sports and sports picks – beyond football, basketball, baseball, and hockey – that could help you fill the gambling gap and make you some money as well:

The Australian Open begins this week and marks the unofficial start to the 2018 tennis season. The Aussie Open is the first Grand Slam of the year and brings a ton of betting options to the board for those looking to get involved with the tennis odds.

While the Grand Slams headline the calendar, tennis offers daily action for sports bettors with multiple tournaments around the globe boasting odds on men’s, women’s and doubles plays. Keep a close eye on current form, injuries and travel are some simple ways to find an edge when handicapping the daily tennis odds.

Another angle bettors can take is factoring in surfaces, with players preferring hardcourts, grass, or clay over one another . The Australian Open is a perfect example of this: not only challenging players with a fast hardcourt surface – which plays into power hitters – but also bringing in outside factors like the heat into play. It’s summer in Melbourne and more than a few top-tier talents have struggled under the sun. Be sure to size up the schedule and matchup times, as outcomes can differ in day and in night matches.

It may not look like golf weather outside your window, but we’re seeing more and more advertisements for the Masters on the TV. The annual Augusta National tournament is usually the first time bettors get involved with the golf odds, but much like tennis, there are multiple tournaments happening all the time.

Golf bettors should be mindful of each course and how it plays into a golfer’s skill set. A wider, long course with little hazards benefits those power players off the tee, while a shorter, tighter course could feature challenging tees and provide more value with those short-game specialists.

Weather is another huge factor when playing the weekly golf markets. Wind and rain can very much change how a course plays, slowing down fast greens and forcing players to keep longer shots low to avoid the disruptive gusts. Recognizing which players can best adapt to the changing weather conditions is a smart way to wager throughout a tournament.

NASCAR racing is a rare sport. Unlike other leagues, NASCAR opens the year with its biggest event: the Daytona 500. Wagering on NASCAR racing has changed drastically since the implementation of the playoff system in 2004, giving added motivation for drivers as the season plays out.

Much like tennis, which features surface specialists, NASCAR racing has certain drivers that excel on certain tracks. Some drivers love the wide-open super speedways while others prefer short-track ovals or road courses. Driver history and success at particular tracks holds a lot of weight – even more so than current form and momentum – so do your homework.

Oddsmakers offer much more NASCAR options than they used to, and one of the more popular alternative odds markets – rather than betting on the race winner – is matchup props. Bettors can pick head-to-head matchups or threeway “speed lanes” and pick which driver will finish ahead of its prop competition.

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