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Ways to make live wagering work for you.

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Ways to make live wagering work for you

Live betting, or in-game wagering as it’s also known, has been around for decades. But it has only just started to gain traction with North American markets the past few years.

For those not up to speed, live betting is simply that: betting on the game as it plays out live. Odds for online gambling are constantly adjusting to game action and bettors can jump in at just about any point in the contest – be it a nail-bitter or blowout.

Instant action isn’t the only reason to take part in live betting. There is value to be had if you know what to look for. Here are some tips on how to make in-game wagering work for you:

Money from momentum
Watching sports and having a keen eye for big plays and swings in momentum is your best tool when live betting. A big basket in hoops or a key defensive stop in football can energize a team and ignite a streak.

Recognizing these important moments and jumping on the best line is what live betting is all about. Most live odds will react to scores or turnovers, so you should be able to grab a good number before something major impacts the markets. Those subtle swings in momentum usually lead to scores, so trust your instincts as a seasoned sports fan.

Cash in on anomalies
Live betting is a great way to cash in on strange anomalies in sports, be it a No. 1 seed going down early to a No. 16 during March Madness or a one-sided first half – like what bettors saw in the Super Bowl.

The best opportunities come from favorites not playing as such. You wouldn’t have laid the points with them before the game, but once they’re down 12 points with two minutes left in the first half and priced as a moneyline underdog in the in-game market, you’re getting a good deal. Good teams don’t play bad for long, and these anomalies often correct themselves by the time the final whistle blows.

Live bettors can also take the same approach with in-game totals. When two high-scoring teams open the game with an ice-cold first quarter, the in-running Over/Under will drop. Grabbing the Over on that adjusted number, before those teams find their form, can be a smart way to cash in on the live odds.

Hedge and middle
In-game wagering can offer unique situations, especially if you have an existing wager on a game. Middling is one the best ways to utilize the live odds. If you grabbed the big underdog before the game and they’ve kept it close, you can snatch up the favorite on a short in-game price and try to cash in both bets.

For example, you bet the +10.5 dog pregame and they’re tied 21-21 in the final five minutes of the game. The in-game odds are offering the favorite at an adjusted spread of -6. If you bet that line and the favorite scores a late touchdown and extra point to secure a 28-21 victory, you’re double dipping in your bookies’ pockets.

In-running odds can also serve as insurance when hedging an existing bet. For example, you’ve placed a four-team parlay with the final leg of that wager being a -175 favorite – what you thought was a sure thing to boost your payout.

Things didn’t go according to plan, and your final game has that big favorite trailing after two innings. Rather than run the risk of losing everything, you can jump into that game’s live odds and hedge your parlay with a bet on the other side. Depending on the size of your wagers, you can guarantee profit or at least win back your original bet.

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