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The NFC runner-up is in the rare position of being good enough to win but has a trigger man who keeps them one step away from winning a championship. Jimmy Garoppolo has been a walking anomaly, a QB who wins enough to get you there, but always seems to make the back-breaking mistake.

The ending of this 49ers season was no different. Jimmy had them in a position to win, but at the end of the game situation, he was a dud. This year he had an injured thumb and shoulder sprain, which usually would be an excuse, but Jimmy has run out of them in San Francisco. The team that beat them Sunday was facing the same problem last year, the Rams are now in the Big Game.

When Kyle Shanahan traded for Jimmy G in 2017, it seemed that they found their man. He delivered them to two super bowls, but he is just not good enough to get the job done on the biggest stage.

Riding a dominant defense in 2019 they got to the first super bowl.The Niners had a shot to put Chiefs away, and Jimmy missed the biggest throw of his career.
The San Francisco 49ers have a massive decision to make with the quarterback position.

Since that moment, it’s all been the same. Good enough to get there, not good enough to deliver in the biggest moments. He wasn’t able to get them back after that moment. The questions have always lingered since that day.

San Francisco made it abundantly clear that they were going another direction by drafting Trey Lance with the third pick of the 2021 draft. He seems perfectly built for the Kyle Shanahan offense. He’s big, strong, fast, and can make all the throws. He’s Jimmy G on steroids. Trey Lance was supposed to take the reigns this year, but he wasn’t able to supplant Jimmy.

Not many teams make this deep of a run and find a new frontman, but that is exactly what the 49ers will have to do to be able to take the next step. Jimmy G is not that dude.

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| Title: Will Garoppolo be traded?
| Author: Matt Catton
| Date: Feb 3, 2022

February 3, 2022

Will Garoppolo be traded?

The NFC runner-up is in the rare position of being good enough to win but has a trigger man who keeps them one step away from […]